En stor påse fredagsgodis 7 nov 2014





Time has changed

ASIA Misteriosa

67 bast



Die Tasche

5 min Management training

English hotshots from Gunilla S59

He shot his wife buying a house, because the contract read: “Execute all three copies together with your wife.”

A committee is a group of men who individually can do nothing but collectively meet and decide that nothing can be done.

Girl: “What’s the matter? Don’t you love me any more?” Oxford man: “You jolly well know I do. I’m just resting”

The man asked an old friend he hadn’t seen for years: “How is your wife?” She is in heaven,” replied the friend. Oh, I’m sorry!” Then he realized that that that was not the thing to say, so he added, “I mean, I’m glad.” And that was even worse. In his confusion, he finally stammered out, “Well, I’m surprised.”

Doctor was giving a cowboy a physical examination. “Did you ever have any accidents? he asked.Nope.” Didn’t anything ever happen to you in a dangerous job like yours?” the doctor persisted.“Well, one time a mule kicked me and another time a rattlesnake bit me.” The cowboy answered.Don’t you call those accidents?”Heck, no. The varmints did it on purpose!”

FELIX pyttipanna gillar Olemand sen många år och då behövs en god Ketchup








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